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Clomid (rimonabant) can be recommended for obese people (body mass index exceeding 30) to help them lose weight and eat less. However, you need to remember that Acomplia still has to be combined with a generally healthier diet and regular exercise. It's a good idea to read all the information about Acomplia you managed to find, especially the drug interactions section. Some of the drugs you shouldn't combine Acomplia with, as they can change some of its effects, include medicines for weight loss, depression medicines, epilepsy medicines, ritonavir, nefazodone, diabetes drugs, medicines to improve blood lipids, clarithromycin, ketaconazole, itraconazole, rifampicin, telithromycin, and some other ones. If you are taking any medications that you think may potentially interfere with Acomplia report them to your doctor as well to make sure no drug interactions are possible and you will have no side effects whatsoever. Swallow the tablet of Acomplia whole, to not crush or chew it to make sure it starts dissolving only when in your stomach. To achieve the best results you are supposed to talk to a professional dietician or discuss your lifestyle with the doctor prescribing Acomplia. You will be recommended the level of physical activity you need to keep losing weight and will be advised on the kind of diet suitable for you. People taking this medicine during pre-clinical studies demonstrated very good results - those taking the 20 dosage of Acomplia managed to achieve significant reduction in waist circumference and body weight and had improved lipid profiles if compared to people that were given placebo treatment.

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